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Since I’m writing my big assignment on Mersenne primes this week, I’m likely to be offline for some time. If I have to attend my Inbox every 30 minutes, I’ll never get any work done, so I’ll probably kill my fetchmail daemon after the system is started.

Next week will be busy :-)

Next week I’ll be busy writing a large paper on Mersenne primes. All students in the Danish gymnasium have to make a big report every year. In the first form you write in Danish, in the second you write in history, and in the third and final form, you can choose among those subjects you’ve had in all three years. For me, that is Danish, math, and physics.

I’ve chosen to write about Mersenne primes (in mathematics). I get the exact assignment on Monday, and then I have one week for the writing. It’s going to be exciting — I’ve been polishing off my LaTeX-skills for the last couple of weeks for the job :-)