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Stupid errors…

I’m sorry I haven’t updated the site lately — I’ve had other things on my mind, and then those stupid errors suddenly started to appear:

lib/FileFinder.php:161: Warning[2]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1332 is not allowed to access /usr/local/lib/php owned by uid 0

I’ve sent a mail to the guys at NetSite (who host GimpsterDotCom) to hear if they can fix it. The errors started when they upgraded to [PHP][] 4.2.3, so my guess is, that they’ve accidently changed the permissions on /usr/local/lib/php as part of the upgrade.

PhpWeather 1.62 has been released

This is a release for those of you who still has to use PHP version 3 — everybody else should use [PHP Weather][] 2.x instead.

This release adds a Greek translation and fixes a couple of minor bugs. You can now adjust the time without hacking the code and you can specify the directory used for flat-file databases. All this can be downloaded as a tar.bz2, tar.gz, or zip file.

PhpShell 1.7 has been released

I released version 1.7 of [PHP Shell][] today — [PHP Shell][] is a tool I’ve written that allows you to execute commands on a webserver running PHP. This release makes [PHP Shell][] compatible with PHP version 4.2.0 which ships with register_globals turned off per default.

Patches for PhpWeather

Since I sent a mail to the [PHP Weather][] mailing list mailing list, the have poured in with fixes and patches. The patches have now been put into the [PHP Weather][] CVS repository. If you can, then you should try it out.

The patches deal with PHP 4.2 compatibility and also improve the utility functions found in pw_utilities.php so that they’re easier to use. The index.php file has been rewritten by Ondrej Jombik The rewrite required a new method in the database backends, get_country_code($icao), so those had to be updated accordingly.

It works

It seams that the idea behind my WikiWikiWeb works — as seen on the RecentChanges page, a friendly person has fixed one of my typos on the MartinGeisler page. Thanks a lot!

After I fixed the code for the [PHP Weather][] plugin, I figured that I should make a release of the CVS code. It’s been done for at least six months but it’s never been released on SourceForge. Expect a proper 2.0 release in a few days to go with the [PHP Weather][] WikiWikiWeb plugin.