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Debian — first experiences

Debian-logo I’ve spend the last few days installing Debian, and it’s been just great! But it’s also been a long process.

I started by making a test-installation on my brand new harddisk. I then kompiled a new kernel, version 2.4.1 with support for ReiserFS. I’ve wanted to try out the new kernel for a long time, so this was the perfect time to try it out. ReiserFS works just beautifully. It’s noticably faster that Ext2fs, especially when doing a diskcheck after a power-loss. And because it’s a journalizing filesystem, it’s much better than Ext2fs at recovering files.

I also spend a lot of time getting used to Debian. The filesystem is organized slightly different than what I was used to from Redhat. I think this is because Debian follows the directions laid out by FHS (The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard).

One thing that’s easy to get used to, is apt-get. This is simply a fantastic program. If you need anything, you just write apt-get install anything as root, and it works. And it’s extra nice to use when you have fast internet-connection like I do :-)

Harddisk upgrade, ready for Debian!

I’ve just recieved a new harddisk — a 45 GB from IBM. I’ll install Debian on this, so I might be offline the next few days. If I don’t reply on your mail, you know why.