Lars and Rune meet Fætter BR

Yesterday was the day of the grand opening of the newly expanded Storcenter Nord and of course we had to go there and have a look. I’ll post more about that later, for now I’ll just show you the winning picture of the day: when Lars and Rune met Fætter BR:

Look how happy they are...


  1. Rune:

    …and I should say hi from Fætter BR!

    …by the way, he is single ;-)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Cool, but I’m not! Hmm… Mikkel is single (as far as I know)… maybe you could hook them up?

  3. Mikkel:

    I have… other plans…

  4. Fætter BR:

    Yeah yeah, but don’t get your hopes up, ladies. Because I’m casually dating the “Swedish bride”!

  5. Mrs. BR:

    You cheating bastard! I hate you!

  6. Fætter BR:

    Stop embarrassing me mom (a.k.a. Mrs. BR)!

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  8. kader:

    det som jeg ønsker mig er beby lejetøj for min lillesøster har fødselsdag over morgen så er nød til at købe noget til hende

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