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Started again

I started again today at University of Aarhus after spending the last two months doing nothing. So you can probably imagine how tired I was them my alarm clock started 8:00 this morning… The first lecture was about algebra — we heard about basic stuff like the integers, division with remainder, and congruenses. This lead us to talk about the principles behind the famous RSA cryptosystem which we’ll hear more about later in the course.

After the two hour lecture I had a break for three hours which I used to buy the books I’ll need for this semester. The books cost more than $200 but they look like they’re worth it. Two of the books written by Andrew S. Tanenbaum: ”Modern Operating Systems” and ”Structured Computer Organization”. I also had to buy a book called the BETA programming language — syntax of the language looks really weird but let’s see how it goes… The last two books was ”Database Systems” and ”Concrete Abstract Algebra”. The last one is written by our lecture and pressed here at University of Aarhus so it costed only $15.

After the break I had a lecture about the architecture of modern computers. We heard about the division of the computer into layers with the digital circuits at the bottom and the high-level programming language at the top.

All in all the three courses look very interesting, but I guess that it’ll take a couple of days before I get back into the old study-habit.