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Summer holiday on Bornholm

I’ll be away from home all next week, since I and my family is going on holiday. So things will be a little quiet here at

We are going to a little Danish island called Bornholm. It’s situated in the Baltic Sea and it’s actually closer to Sweden that it is to the rest of Denmark. It differs from the rest of Denmark by having lots of rocks (like Sweden does). Bornholm is called the “Sunshine Island” in Danish, and we hope that it can live up to its name.

No stats right now

Statistics The stats-pages are becoming somewhat outdated. On the new server I can’t just download the log-file, it’s rotated everyday to generate some statistics that only I can see. That’s not exactly what I wanted, but because the administrator of the server is on holiday I can’t get an answer before in the middle of next week.

Diablo II

Diablo II

I’ve just picked up Diablo II in the middle of the night! They started the sale at 00:01 — and there were people waiting. It’s my little brother, Kristoffer, who bought the game, but I’ll properly also play it a little :-)

Kristoffer is currently working on the install — he took a full install of 1550 MiB(!) There’s three CD’s: one for the installation, one for the game and one for the cinematics. With a full installation all the necessary files are copied to the computer. What a luck, that we have just bought a 20,5 GB disk :-)

Now I’ll go and see how it goes — I plan to give you a full report on the gameplay later!

The Gladiator

Maximus and Emperor Aurelius Wow! What a great movie! I’ve just been in the cinema and seen The Gladiator — and I liked it very much.

The plot revolves around the great Roman general Maximus (Russell Crowe) who it betrayed by Emperor Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) and becomes a slave. He is then trained to be a gladiator, but being a great warrior already, he meets little resistance on his way to Coliseum in Rome. Because he is such a good fighter, the crow is very pleased with him. The Emperor had to decide whether a gladiator should live or die, and because Maximus has become so popular, Commodus can’t just turn his thumb down and get Maximus out of the way. But he tries, and Maximus is helped by Commodus’ own sister, Lucilla (Connie Nielsen — a Dane :-)

Maximus is battling Tiger There’s a lot of different things in this film that makes it great. First there’s the battle-scenes — and there’s many of them. They are all very brutal, the cutting is fast and you makes you kind of confused. That just help to emphasizes the chaos that rages on a battlefield. But although the pace is fast, the choreography is very good — they move and fight in a very spectacular way, using all sorts of weapons.

Later when we see Rome, you’ll notice how beautiful it has been recreated. The Coliseum is just so big! You really get to see Rome as it properly looked at it’s greatest. One cant help but marvel when you think about the sheer size of the city — 2,000 years ago they had a fully functional city with many of the things we have in a modern city.

Commodus and Maximus There’s also scenes without the constant sound of swords clashing together. Scenes where the actors show their emotions, and are very good at it. The film is also about things like honor and justness. Maximus possesses all these virtues, whereas Commodus doesn’t (of cause :-)

It’s a long movie — about two and a half hours — but it’s well worth it. Go see for yourself.

Everything seams to be okay is now moved to the new server. It has PHP-support version 4. This means that all pages now end in .php and not .php3 as before. Therefore I have been busy renaming files and links. Mail me if you find that something’s still broken.

I’ve pulled the GIMPS-section off the menu — I plan to fix it really soon now that I have PHP4.