Hurry! PEL version 0.2 has escaped!

The PHP EXIF Library (PEL) is getting better and better, and version 0.2 was released today — go grab it if you want to play with it.


This release brings updated documentation and better support for the EXIF user comment tag and tags containing version information. The code is now tested using SimpleTest.


  • All PelExifEntry descendant classes now use setValue() and
    getValue() methods consistently.

  • Signed and unsigned numbers (bytes, shorts, longs, and rationals) are now handled correctly.

  • The SimpleTest ( framework is used for regression testing.

  • Added new PelExifEntryUserComment class to better support the EXIF user comment tag.

  • Added new PelExifEntryVersion class to support the EXIF tags with version information, namely the EXIF_VERSION, FLASH_PIX_VERSION, and INTEROPERABILITY_VERSION tags.

  • Updated doc comments all over.

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