The dIntProg-Browser is uploaded

I’ve just uploaded my dIntProg-Browser — complete with color-coded sourcecode, Javadoc, and Danish documentation (the Javadoc is in English, and so are the other comments, so you should have a good chance of understand what’s going on.)

I’ve spend three weeks on it, and I’m very pleased with the result. The basic concept in the browser is a box. Some boxes, called flexible boxes, can contain other boxes, whereas some boxes, rigid boxes can’t. But regardless of the type, each box has the responsibility of drawing itself and any child-boxes. That system turned out to work very well. You can actually see the boxes if you run the browser like this:

$ java Browser -d

The flag -d turns debugging on, which makes some of the boxes draw their outline.

I hope someone finds this interesting — it was very interesting for me to try and make a webbrowser, as I’ve worked with HTML for several years now. This time I was the one who had to render the pages, not just design them…

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